Carolyn Berry

Carolyn is a Author, Colon Hydrotherapist & Prophetic Healer. Her background as a massage therapist for 15 years led her into doing extensive body work & developing her Prophetic gift to be able to work with clients & their healing. Carolyn developed her BeYou.BeHappy program by going through her own healing & seeing the need to address the physical & the emotional part of SELF. Learning from various healers & techniques taught her a deeper understanding of how to move energy & to change it in the body by raising the frequency. One of her passions is teaching in a group setting. Carolyn also Added Colon Hydrotherapy to her list of services because it "saved" her life.  Colon Hydrotherapy healed her as well as showed her a deeper connection with the body. Carolyn believes that starting with the gut & colon is the beginning of healing & is Essential. She is a Certified Colon Hydro therapist and an I-act Member who has a an FDA registered Medical device LIBBE. Her passion is sharing her knowledge through 1 on 1 sessions & teaching in a group class settings. 
New Client Colonic Sessions are $125.00 for TWO. Book NOW

New Client 90 min Customized Healing Sessions are $165

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About Carolyn Berry

Energy Healing

Everything is energy. Learn how to identify energy within. What no longer serves you & move it out letting a higher frequency energy into your system allowing your body to heal itself emotionally, spiritually & physically.

Customized Sessions

Have you been wanting to connect deeper with your  body and spirit? Do you want to learn how to manage your emotions? Prophetic Messages raises your awareness and connects you to what needs to be healed.

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I’m Happy. How Did I Get Here? is the story of her incredible transformation. Carolyn shares her journey of reconnecting with what is truly important and offers the reader some easy, proven ways to achieve the same.  When she isn’t teaching how to release the energy that no longer serves you, Carolyn enjoys the outdoors, hanging out with her friends and family or traveling the world discovering more of herself and healing techniques.  Carolyn Berry Happy

Are you getting the right FOODS to nourish your body?  Are they being absorbed?  Organic?  Check out Juice Plus and the TOWER Garden.

Guided Meditation

Techniques for grounding & releasing by Clearing out old outdated stuck energy as well as other peoples energy, opinions and beliefs.